music sites and thao and sam lamb

Did you miss me? I wrote an entry weeks ago that I never got to publish, but I’m back.

So yesterday, the ever-helpful findingDulcinea featured Five Must-Bookmark Music Sites (check them out, you will want to bookmark). The image they used was from Daytrotter and pictured the wonderful Thao Nguyen. I love love love how Daytrotter uses illustrations. More sites/magazines/books need artwork.

I discovered Thao by accident when she and her band opened for She and Him. And even my attendance at the show was quite unexpected. I went with Sam Lamb, the amazing photographer I met through the Web and crafting and the Free People Blog. And Sam is from Oklahoma, so her being in NY was pretty unexpected as well. I like surprises.


2 responses to “music sites and thao and sam lamb

  1. Oh so jealous you got to see that show! think they’ll make any appearances in Cork?…
    sounds like serendipity was visiting you!

  2. mermaidhair

    yeah, definitely serendipity. Is Cork a city bands usually hit up on tour? I don’t know if they’re going across the pond. and hi!

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