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samantha lamb

First of all, I wanted to do a proper entry regarding Samantha Lamb. And I have a funny story about my own stupidity.

So I found Sam’s work through a blog or flickr a while back, maybe a year and a half ago, maybe more. Then we got hooked up as partners for a craft swap. I made her a crazy beach towel, she made me a pirate ship in a jar.

Then, months later I get an email from Sam saying she will be exhibiting in NY! So I write an entry about it on the Free People blog to get all the crafty beauty lovers to attend. Obviously, I plan on attending myself.

Sam lets me know she is in NY all week and we end up going to a concert, going out to dinner, and getting tipsy on sparkling water. I leave her telling her I’ll see her at her opening, I can’t wait to go, etc. Then I send an email to my friends to get everyone to come to her show. I’m excited.

So I show up on Saturday night with a group of friends, all ready for a fabulous opening party. We ring the bell to get into the building, and Sam answers herself. She said nobody else was there and wasn’t sure if she should let us in. What?! I glance at the flier on the door. The opening was on FRIDAY! I’m such a dummy.

But we went up and had a private viewing. The presentation was beautiful with all of her photos framed in salvaged wood, and handwritten titles next to each piece, some poetry, some thread spools in shadow boxes. I bought the above print for my sister.


fascination with mermaid hair


A bit about this mermaid hair attraction…

There is something about being under water that has always made me feel very alone. There is this incredible sense of privacy. You can immerse yourself in the swimming pool and say anything into the water. No one will comprehend what you have said, so you can liberate anything that’s roaming in your head that you don’t have the courage to say aloud. Remember that game “tea party”?


If you open your eyes, you can see the effect of movement, the motion of the water as someone kicks away, with a trail of bubbles left behind. You can look at your own skin and find itty bitty bubbles hovering on the surface. I liked to bang on the railing of the swimming pool steps and notice how the sound waves traveled in liquid. And my very favorite thing to do was look at my long hair as it flowed under water. It always fascinated me how beautiful my hair looked. I loved how wet hair looked more “dry” under the water than it did above. The wet, slick, sticky mane became wild flowing curls.

Mermaids live in a secret world of dark beauty. There is a freedom to the sea, a freedom in swimming similar to that of the freedom of a bird with their flight.

Both of the photos are by Howard Schatz from his book Water Dance. It’s my favorite photography book, combining my love of dance, underwater, and fashion. Many of the photos are nudes, but the few with costumes or fabric are breathtaking. The second image is scanned from my crappy scanner, so I apologize for the quality. You should buy the book (the link is to amazon and they only have the hard cover, but I own a paper cover that was much less expensive).

math has the answers

I found this image via stumbleupon. If you don’t stumble, get to it. It is a super easy way to discover new websites that are related to sites that you already like. (and of course you’re going to want to stumble mermaidhair) If you already stumble, maybe you want to be my friend and I can find your cool sites and you can find mine. Here’s my profile.